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Ceres and Lions Head

April 2017 issue highlights

FRONT COVER: Taken during the 2017 Two Oceans Slope Soarers Aerobatic Event, Cape Town, South Africa. Ryan Matchett’s Ceres exiting a manoeuvre with Lions Head in the background.


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  • Peter Abell - Eulogy by Mike O’Reilly, League of Silent Flight Australia.

 • Petre III
- Peter Abell's 2-channel 2 meter RC sailplane. Reprinted from RC Soaring Digest July 1984.

 • Two Oceans Slope Soarers - Slope Aerobatic Event 2017 
- Complete text coverage of the annual event by David Semple with photos by Steve Meusel, Nic Steffen and Doug Ross.

 • Glue Caddy - 
Steve Henderson describes the motivation behind his compact and efficient glue caddy and includes a matrix of materials and appropriate adhesives.

 • Gordy's Travels - Choreography of an F3RES Contest- Whether you're an aspiring participant in this new Class or are a potential CD, you need to read this 3-page description for setting up an efficient event. Gordy Stahl  covers team formation, flight timing methodologies, and standardizing hi-starts.

 • Minimizing Slop in Control Surfaces - Dieter Mahlein describes the multitude of sources of both "soft" and "hard" slop in RC control systems, along with appropriate solutions. Reprinted with permission from http://www.xcsoaring.com.

 • Wing Tip Devices - Various wing tip devices have been designed, experimentally examined, and incorporated in aircraft for over the last four decades. Chuck Anderson has been experimenting with wing tip devices for RC sailplanes over the same time frame. Here he presents his findings and explores a possible future for them with F3RES.

 • Tom's Tips - Magnets, magnets, magnets - An "attractive" method for keeping frequently used tools close to hand. By Tom Broeski.

 • Slope Soaring Candidate - Ilyushion IL-52 - An obscure Soviet swept wing tailless bomber is the subject of this exposé.

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