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Brian Agnew, holder of 15 national titles, shares his expertise regarding trimming an R/C sailplane. His article, called "Trimming Your Sailplane for Optimum Performance," originally appeared in RCSD in May, 1993, and is available here for on-line viewing.

Dr. Michael Selig wrote two important articles for RCSD some time ago, and he has given us permission to post both articles on this web site. The first article, "Flys Faster," mathematically proves what most of us intuitively know - that sailplanes with lower drag fly faster than than those with more drag. Besides the proof, this article acts as an impetus to further thinking on related subjects. In the second article, " The Square-Cube Law and Scaling for RC Sailplanes," Dr. Selig shows how perception can vary greatly from reality. He first relates a personal experience involving the destruction of an XC 'ship, then shows exactly how such catastrophes happen. A good read!

A very large book (more than 700 pages), Sailplanes! was written by Dr. Ferdinando Gale and Aldo Calza. This book was directed toward scale modellers and those interested in the evolution of full size sailplanes. With more than 550 3-views, the book was a resource for aeromodellers looking for full size aircraft worthy of modeling. B2Streamlines published Sailplanes! in 1994, and the printing sold out very rapidly. Dr. Gale wrote a 53 page treatise on aircraft scaling for Sailplanes! entitled "Scaling Sailplanes." We are sure this comprehensive article will be of interest to anyone desiring to have their model mimic the full size counterpart. This 2.2 MB PDF document is available here.

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