Slope Soaring News

Thanks to the graciousness of Charlie Morey, we've been given the opportunity to create a PDF archive of Slope Soaring News.

For those not familiar with Slope Soaring News, SSN was Charlie's brainchild which enjoyed a run of twenty issues in the late 1980s. The first issue was published in September of 1988, and the last issue was dated June/July 1990. During nearly two years of publication, SSN enjoyed quite a following. Manufacturers, flying sites, aerobatic skills, personalities, and everything else related to slope soaring was covered. Particular issues of SSN are sometimes mentioned within the RCGroups web site, the RC Soaring Exchange e-mail list, and other venues, but very few people are aware of SSN's existence, and tracking down specific articles is nearly impossible.

Because of this lack of availability, we contacted Charlie and have received permission to create a PDF archive of all twenty issues of Slope Soaring News here on the RC Soaring Digest web site.

SSN Vol. 1, No. 1
This is the first issue, September 1988, distributed for free. Articles included Santa Monica Sailplanes, Dick Vader's amazing pod-and-boom aircraft, how to perform the basic loop, and the Point Fermin park flying site. Doug Hertzog's Silhouette, ModelNet, Terry Abell's annular tail, an editorial by Chuck Korolden, and several other smaller items round out its 16 pages.

SSN Vol. 1, No. 2
The October 1988 issue. The two major articles in this issue are Kite Hill (the site of the month), and Power Scale Soaring with a number of kit suppliers mentioned. Smaller articles on elliptical dihedral, Gary Everett's Pressure, Ray-Jay's 7-channel, 10-plane memory, 16-subchannel, and 14-mixes transmitter, the ATRCS modification for Airtronics transmitters, Harry Finch's anhedral sloper, Rich Spicer's Synergy III, and a bunch of letters to the editor complete the 16 pages of this issue.

SSN Vol. 1, No. 3
Although the cover says Vol. 1, No. 2, this actually is Vol. 1 No. 3, the 16 page November 1988 issue. The site of the month is Bluff Park. Articles on slope combat, how slope lift can differ from one day to another, Simon Cocker's huge scale B-52, and the first installment of a series on vacuum forming make up the bulk of this issue. Smaller items include brief profiles of Greg Gentry and Sharon Green, Armand De Weese' one meter span miniracer, Gary Kawamura's wingeron pod-and-boom sloper, and a quick overview of "the basic roll."

Subscription Form 1
A flyer included in the November issue.

SSN Vol. 1, No. 4
December 1988. Too much material to fit in one issue, so the "Scraps" section is missing. Back Bay is the site of the month. SSN visits Cliff Hanger Models, makers of several PSS aircraft, and there's a review of the Minicraft Lynx 140 ARF. "Practical Vacuum Forming Part 2," the care and feeding of NiCd batteries, and a continuation of the slope lift series make up the remainder of this issue.

SSN Vol. 1, No. 5
The January 1989 issue. Montana De Oro State Park is the site of the month. This issue focuses on scale slope soaring, with articles on RC sailplanes at Torrey Pines and the Torrey Pines Gulls. Part 3 of the series on vacuum forming, the details of the new RC frequency spectrum are other major articles in this issue. The "Scraps" section includes several short items - La Sierra Slope Soarers, Falcon and Slopar slope 'ships, power scale combat, Armand De Weese' new airplane, Ron and Karen Wagner's Hi Performance Sailplanes, and the closing of Wilshire Model Center.

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A flyer included in the January 1989 issue.

SSN Vol. 1, No. 6
This issue features a lengthy article entitled "What's New for '89?" which covers the recent International Modeler's Show and visits to local slope sites. J.A.D.E.'s Richard Jarel presents an entire line of slopers, all with rather unique planforms, both tailless and canard. Doug Hertzog's Silhouette, Rolin Klingberg's new B-2, Hobby Shack's Mini-Racer, and the Rotor by VS Sailplanes (Ken Stuhr) are also covered. Combat Models moves away from foam, D.C.U. (Mark Hambelton) introduces the Stryker, and Jerry Bridgeman brings out the Snipe. Gary Anderson runs American Sailplane Designs, and Cliff Hanger Models expands its range to eight models, most of them WWII vintage. This issue ends with several letters from readers.

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A flyer included in the February 1989 issue.

SSN Vol. 1, No. 7
Noted as Vol. 1, No. 6 on the cover, this is a combined March/April 1989 issue with 12 pages rather than the usual 16. (All subscriptions extended by one issue.) Article topics include a detailed review of AMA actions regarding new frequency allocations, slope racing with the South Bay Soaring Society, and Gregg Okert starts building Dick Vader slopers. Dockweiler State Beach is the slope site of the month. Lots of letters from readers.

Subscription Form 4
A flyer included in the March/April 1989 issue.

SSN Vol. 1, No. 8
The May 1989 issue, noted on cover as being Vol. 1.7. Talon (Bob Martin) Tricks from SSN readers, a guide to the AMA Soaring Nationals to be held in Richland, Washington and including the Slope Fun Fly, and Compuserve's Model Network - ModelNet. Smaller items include Ron Robinson's B-25 Mitchell, Channel One Productions gliding videos, "Nurflugel," a book on the Horten brothers, James Manley's JM-1 and F-15, The Mini-I and KAM-U slopers from Ken William's K&A Models Unlimited, Mark Grand's Super Comanche, Mark Hambelton/DCU's Mini Dragon Fly, RJM Enterprises tiny 2-channel receiver, Mark Triebes' Scimitar slope racer, and Jeremy Teo /Banzai Enterprises' Banzai. Plus the usual letters from readers.

Rats!, a correction to the cover of the May 1989 issue.

Subscription Form 5
A flyer included in the May 1989 issue.

SSN Vol. 1, No. 9
Noted on the cover as Vol. 1 No. 8, June 1989 issue. Three articles this month - the Hans Weiss Memorial Slope Race at Hughes Hill (Daryl Perkins won first with a Falcon 880 ballasted to over 8 lbs.), the Tri-City Soarer's Scale Slope Soaring Fun Fly and the relatively new SD6060 airfoil. This issue closes with several letters from SSN  readers.

SSN Vol. 1, No. 10
The July 1989 issue. Alan Hulme breaks down PSS for the uninitiated, building and flying Ken Stuhr's Rotor, and Doug Hertzog shows how to 'glass a wood fuselage. Byron Bruce shows off the new Combat Models A-10 Warthog, complete with operational air brakes, and Bob White Model Products makes the Bluff Blade aileron trainer available. In the letters section, it's noted that Cermark Model Supply was recently robbed of a number of F3A ARFs.

SSN Vol. 1, No. 11
The August 1989 issue. Charlie Morey, SSN Editor, covers slope soaring at the AMA NATS in the Tri-Cities, Washington, and Richard Jarel describes a slope soaring safari to "Margaritaville" (Baja California). The flying site of the month is Punta Banda, Baja California, Mexico. Satellite City's UFO odorless, non-toxic, cyanoacrylate glues are product tested. Mentioned are a simple buddy system harness by A.R.B. Company, the Perkins Avionics Missile Lock for infra-red combat, Rolin Klingberg's 10-foot flying wing kit, Slope Scale's lightweight WWII warbirds, and Pete Bechtel's Winspiel Models. This issue closes with several letters from readers.

SSN Vol. 1, No. 12
Bob Reynolds' 8-foot F-14B Super Tomcat graces the cover of this, the September 1989 issue. The editorial describes an encounter with a pair of Peregrine falcons. Articles include coverage of the Unofficial Long Beach Fun Fly, an aerobatic contest put on by the San Francisco Vultures, and charging and cycling NiCd batteries. Richard Jarel describes using baking soda with CA glue, and the Site of the Month is Qu'Appelle in Saskatchewan Canada. Reader mail completes the issue.

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The first renewal form, included in the September 1989 issue.

SSN Vol. 2, No. 1
The October 1989 issue starts out with Charlie talking about his Jet Hangar Models F-86 which he converted from a ducted fan kit to a PSS 'ship. From there it's on to Cape Blanco Oregon, the flying site of the month. Pete Marshall is author of a series entitled "Looking for Miss Go-Fast," written to explore design parameters and proportions - the first installment is in this issue. The "Scraps" section of this issue has short articles on Bill Liscomb's retract mechanisms for scale gliders (Scale Glider Components), an update on Bob Reynolds' F-14, and Steve Turnbull's OV-10 Bronco. Reader mail closes this smaller than usual 12-page issue.

SSN Vol. 2, No. 2
Making up for a low page count last month, the November 1989 issue is a full 20 pages in size. This issue includes extensive coverage of the Torrey Pines Scale Fun Fly. ModelCAD and a couple of model aircraft oriented computer bulletin boards are mentioned in the "Scraps" section, along with Major Decals, Rick Palmer's SR-71, Alan Hulme and the Power Scale Soaring Association in Britain, Rollin Klingberg's full size foot-launches hang glider, and Triton Models scale gliders. Peter Marshall discusses the construction of composite fuselages, the second in his "Miss Go-Fast" series. And reader mail includes a letter from John Dvorak of the South Bay Soaring Society in which he asks about the feasibility organizing the California slope racing pilots.

SSN Vol. 2, No. 3
Charlie starts out this 20 page December/January issue by relating the successful maiden flight of Bob Reynolds' Kitty Kat, a smaller rendition of his 1/10th scale F-14 which will be flying at Eagle Butte over the Memorial Day weekend. This smaller version, like the larger has a working swing-wing mechanism to change the sweep in flight. Next up is a review of DCU's Super Dragon Fly, an overview of Jake Chichilitti's warbirds, and Richard Jarel's "Composite Cookbook, #2" which talks about modifying inexpensive scissors to cut Kevlar. The "Scraps" section of this issue talks about the Lance, a ready-to-fly sloper from Chris and Eugene Lovejoy at Glidesigns, there's a quick story of combat by Byron Bruce, Jef Raskin volunteers to teach Aresti-style aerobatics, a $23 foam cutter, and more electronic devices from Bob Markle at RJM Systems. Air Mail includes letters by Jef Raskin on "fully aerobatic," Jeremy Teo of Banzai Enterprises in Canada talks a bit about his X-29 and Manta, plus the Russian contingent at a recent airshow, Don Gray pleads with readers to help him replace a Novak receiver, Tom Rent says there's slope soaring in Minnesota, and Al Wahrhaftig complains about the term "tail feathers."

SSN Vol. 2, No. 4
The February 1990 issue is another 20 page magazine. In the SSN editorial, Charlie talks about purchasing and flying large scale sailplanes. The focus of this issue is the International Modeler Show in Pasadena, and there are a number of photos showing a bunch of offerings from Sig, Mark Hambelton/DCU's, Ken Stuhr/VS Sailplanes, Bob Martin RC Models, Cliff Hanger Models, plus Combat Models, Brian Laird and Paul Masura/Slope Scale, Cheetah Models, Vortech Models, Sceptor Models, Glidesigns, Celerity Aero-Technical Design, MGA Enterprises, AMS Imports and Bauer Models, Composite Structure Technology, K&A Models Unlimited, Cox Hobbies, Futaba, JR Radios, and Kyosho. California Slope Racers is promoted in the "Scraps" section, along with Harley's Hinges, foam cores and construction by Western Aircraft Composites, fuselages from Viking Models USA, and the new Synergy from Rick Spicer.

SSN Vol. 2, No. 5
The 20 page March 1990 issue. Jef Raskin presents a primer on Aresti aerobatics and the design and building of Miss Go-Fast continues with plotting airfoils and building lost-foam fuselages. Byron Bruce introduces the Combat Models "Jets" video, a number of overseas slope events are promoted, the newest catalog from NorthEast Sailplane Products includes articles on "Lift, Drag and Performance," "The Schuemann Planform," and "Slope Soaring the Inland Sites with the NSP Gang." David Fraser, John Donovan and Michael Selig give some "Aerodynamic Answers" - Reynolds numbers, separation bubbles and the importance of a sharp trailing edge. In the Air Mail section, Michael St. John writes about "The Modelers' Advantage."

SSN Vol. 2, No. 6
Charlie starts out the 16 page April 1990 issue with an editorial about the upcoming Torrey Pines Scale Slope Soaring Fun Fly over the Labor Day weekend. Articles in this issue include "Fast Times at Hughes Hill," where Joe Wurts beat out Daryl Perkins for first place at the Hans Weiss Memorial Slope Race, the Miss Go-fast series continues with the basics of how to cut foam core wings, and Charlie visits the Second Annual Los Angeles Model Hobby Show. In "Scraps," Tom Overton shows off his 1/4 scale P-51, Chris Lamont and Bill Matthews introduce their F-4 and F-18, there's a description of JR's new 347 transmitter and small servos, J.C. Model Supplies has tiny 50 and 100 mAh battery packs, and Vern Hunt produces a beautiful L-39 Albatros kit. Air Mail has a letter from Dick Hancock, Kailua-Kona Hawaii, and one from Randy Claussen of Lakewood Colorado.

SSN Vol. 2, No. 7
May 1990 issue, 16 pages. Mark Hambelton, owner of DCU, talks about his ten foot span A-6 Intruder, a PSS model derived from his work on the "Flight of the Intruder" movie. Pete Marshall continues the Miss Go-Fast series with detailed instructions for cutting foam core wings. There's a reprint of an article from the Craftsman's Workshop computer bulletin board describing the differences between AM, FM, and PCM. The "Site of the Month" is Long Reef, near Sidney Australia. Alan Halleck's swept wings, the Demon from Northeast Sailplane Products, offerings from Triton Models, plans for PSS models from B2Streamlines, The Peregrine from Flydesign Products, Ron Wagner/Hi Performance Sailplanes' new Slope Warrior, and the Viking International Slope Race make up the "Scraps" section. Letters from readers close out this issue.

SSN Vol. 2, No. 8
The June/July 1990 issue of SSN, the last published. This issue is back up to 20 pages, several of which are devoted to coverage of the 3rd Annual Tri-City Soarers Scale Fun Fly. This event featured a number of very large models, including a 25 pound B-29 dropping an X-1, Mark Hambelton's A-6 Intruder described in a previous issue, Bob Reynolds' huge F-14 Tomcat with operating swing-wing mechanism, and Ken Stuhr's large Spitfire. Erik Eiche showed up with an incredibly appointed Kranich II. In "Scraps," Scott Metze's Tempest series, new sailplanes from NSP, Jim Ealy's plan service, VinylWrite makes both lettering and custom insignia, including logos, Dynamic Slope Design introduces their B1-B, Richard Jarel /J.A.D.E. readies production of the Impluse, and Wil Byers is planning the Mid-Columbia Cup slope race over the Memorial Day weekend. An inexpensive power supply for foam cutting, sources of scale information, "Class" slope racing, and Vern Hunt's L-39 Albatros are the subjects of readers' letters.

This is the complete SSN archive! Our sincere thanks once again to Charlie Morey for publishing "Slope Soaring News" and for authorizing this archive.