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Geoffe Crew's Schweizer 2-26

December 2018 issue highlights

FRONT COVER: A scale Schweizer 2-32 turns over White Sheet Hill in Southern England. The model was built by Chris Williams and is now owned by Geoff Crew. Please see "Schweizers over White Sheet Hill" in this issue.
Photo by Chris Williams.
Canon EOS 70D, ISO 100, 1/2000 sec., f6.3, 100mm


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An Early Multi-channel Sailplane- Photos by Daniel Malcman.

Schweizers at White Sheet Hill- A collection of photographs of Geoff Crew’s fleet of Schweizers by Chris Williams.

Daryl Perkins' Vixen- The long awaited F3J and thermal duration machine from Daryl, now available through SoaringUSA.com.

1:3 scale Schweizer 1-26- A build by Ren DiLeo. Kit to be avilable soon.

Ravens Return to Torrey - Matin Taraz and Greg Houck maiden their newest version of the UberCraft Raven at the Torrey Pines Gliderport. Reprinted with permission from the Torrey Pines Gulls Gull Wings Newsletter, November, 2018.

Power Scale Slope Soaring Candidate - Avro Canada CF-105 Arrow - A six decade old cancelled Canadian aircraft makes the perfect Power Scale Sloper.

Moulds - A little series in two parts by Luca Valle.

Power Scale Slope Soaring Candidate - Temco TT-1 Pinto - A cute Navy trainer from the mid-1950s.

GliderThrow - Measuring control surface throws and incidence angles has never been easier. From the makers of GliderCG (RCSD October 2017).

Table Mountain After the Burn - Philip Randolph takes on another journey to the slopes, this time to an area in the Washington Cascades burned out six years ago. 

On the 'Wing... - MicroBlackbird - A diminutive 18" span tailless glider designed for extremely light weight radio gear and with a variety of building options. Indoor soaring anyone?

Simple Voltage Regulator - Using 4.8V servos with two or more Li cells? Construct this inexpensive voltage regulator by Graham Woods. Reprinted with permission from The Beacon, Summer 2018, magazine of the Ivinghoe Soaring Association, John Snell, Editor.

Power Scale Slope Soaring Candidate - NASA NF-15 ACTIVE - This McDonnell Douglas TF-15A, modified for a special NASA program and sporting a colorful paint job, should stand out on any slope.

Plus three poems by Philip Randolph, photographs by readers, and additional items of interest to RC soaring enthusiasts.

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